The Author



George Thompson is a retired Navy commander with over twenty-five years of aviation experience. A former fighter pilot, he currently flies the friendly skies for FedEx. A native of New Orleans, he now lives in Memphis, TN with his wife Barbara.




As a science fiction fan and a NASA buff, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The story was well written and thought-out, the characters developed and relatable. There is some hard science, but not so much that a lay reader would feel lost.

As with any science fiction, the reader has to suspend some disbelief. The overall story, however, does come across believable. I could not put it down. I highly recommend this book.

— An exciting book, a great story. 

A nice easy read, with lots of action and imagination. As someone who worked around the edges of the US Space Program (I supported the Moon Landing Mission), I can testify that the author did his due diligence and got it mostly right on the parts we know about and was imaginative about the dark side of the moon and the point of earth-moon gravitational pull. The tri-axial null of earth's geosynchronous orbit is a similar phenomenon. I recommend this book for folks who want a bit more history

—A pretty good look at the Apollo Program from a historic perspective

This novel is a marvelous technothriller in the style of the late Tom Clancy. The story is of what amounts to the first space war between the United States and China centered around a mission to the moon using hardware from the very beginning of the space age. The technical details are spot on and the story is exciting and riveting. Echoes of Apollo comes highly recommended for anyone who loves space exploration and tech oriented action.

—Echoes of Apollo comes highly recommended for anyone who loves space exploration and tech oriented ...

Really well done plot. This book brims with action!! The heroes may seem a bit 1 dimensional but the payoff is in the details. The author takes great pains in using detailed Apollo procedures to tell a great story. Its a well done ride through the glory days of Apollo flight control and hardware. I loved every page!

—Excellent story for anyone that loves NASA!